II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

Putting your CDS/ISIS database on the internet

  • Information Systems Manager, Institute of Development Studies  - United Kingdom

Many organisations that have been putting their data into CDS/ISIS databases over the years now want to make them available over the Internet. There are several solutions available, with confusingly similar names, and many users are uncertain about what equipment and network connections they need, whether they have to convert their data, etc.

This paper reviews the range of options. Amongst those considered are:

  • Unix version of CDS/ISIS
  • Web ISIS
  • WWW-ISIS and Weblis
  • WWWISIS version 3 and Genisis
  • WWWISIS versions 4 and 5 and IAH
  • Openisis and Openisis-PHP
  • Javaisis

The implications, benefits and drawbacks of each will be considered. This will include the range of skills that might be needed by a library or information centre which is new to online publishing of data. The paper will be illustrated with screenshots of the different solutions in use at sample sites.