II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users

Date: September 20th-23rd 2005


CDS/ISIS-W2: Welcome!

This meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to reunite once again the international CDS/ISIS community, summoning information, computer science professionals, national and regional distributors, end users, partner organizations and all those people interested in the "Family of CDS/ISIS software" who have contributed, throughout the years, to the democratic and equitable access to the data produced or collected in thousands of institutions worldwide.

In 1985 UNESCO marked a milestone in the scene of information processing with the launching of the CDS/ISIS software for personal computers. CDS/ISIS soon became one of the most widely used tools for information organization and retrieval, especially in developing countries. In 1995 the first "International CDS/ISIS Congress" was successfully organized in Bogotá, Colombia. http://library.wur.nl/isis/declspa.html

This year, the venue of the 9th World Congress on Health Information and Libraries (ICML9) 7th  Regional Congress of Health Sciences Information (CRICS7), hosted by BIREME/PAHO/WHO, offers the adequate framework for celebrating the II World CDS/ISIS Meeting since this regional agency is, historically, the main partner of UNESCO in the development and support of the CDS/ISIS.

Upon the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first World congress and 20 years after the launching of CDS/ISIS and adhering to the motto of the ICML9/CRICS7 "Commitment to equity", the moment is propitious to exchange experiences, to present new developments, to get to know new colleagues from different parts of the world, to evaluate the CDS/ISIS journey and construct a shared vision for the future, continuing, with the help of information technologies, to the human development.

Information Society Division, Communication and information Sector, UNESCO, Paris.