II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

PURNA : WINISIS based integrated library system

  • Ex-Presidente y Miembro del Consejo, Asociación de Bibliotecas del Sri Lanka  - Sri Lanka

Introduction of the CDS/ISIS database management system is the most significant contribution made by UNESCO for the development of libraries. There had been a rapid growth of automated library systems in Sri Lanka after introduction of CDS/ISIS. Since CDS/ISIS was not compatible with the WINDOWS operating system until 1999, many libraries which were keen in enjoying the capabilities of WINDOWS decided to abandon CDS/ISIS and go for WINDOWS-based expensive commercial library software.

An integrated information system named PURNA which can handle all major library operations such as acquisition, accessioning, cataloguing, article indexing, membership registration, circulation, serials control, OPAC, current awareness, SDI service etc. was developed using CDS/ISIS. PURNA is used by more than 85 libraries in Sri Lanka. PURNA users compile an online union catalog. PURNA observes all major features of an integrated package. Capabilities of WINISIS has been used for data integration, user friendliness, limit data duplication, ensure uniformity, introduce advance search facilities, etc. PURNA uses print and sorting capabilities for automatic generation of bibliographies, contents pages, indexes, catalogue stationary, etc. Web module of PURNA that was developed using Genisis facilitates exploring the catalogue, loan records, serials register, reservation, viewing full text, etc.