II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

CDS-ISIS users and bibliography: statistic analysis

  • Coordinadora Area Sistemas de Información Documental, Centro de Documentación e Información - Ministerio de Economía y Producción - Argentina  - Argentina

This is a statistical research on CDS/ISIS users and bibliography.

For users research, Its sources of information are the record of licenses issued by some national suppliers and UNESCO (from approximately 1980 up to the present), the CDS-ISIS international discussion list and CDS-ISIS databases available on the Web. It is intended to show user-distribution in time, geographical and institutional origin, hot issues from the list and origin of the Web database. So as to learn users geographical origin, origin domain from e-mail addresses on the discussion list wi ll be matched with that from the URL on the database.


As regards the bibliographic research, the source of information is a bibliography (books and articles) on CDS-ISIS originally made by Ernesto Spinak and later updated by Cristina Ortega. This has been enlarged with other bibliographical references taken from other sources, such us the Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA 1969-sep. 2001). Statistics show geographical origin, language, topic and author’s productivity. Data man agement and analysis is done using WinIsis, SwissKnife, and some CISIS tools. The results (calculations and graphics) are shown in work sheets (OpenOffice Calc). In both cases, descriptive statistical techniques are used.