II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

GenIsisCD: guidebook in Spanish

  • Consultora en el Area Sistemas de Información Documental, Centro de Documentación e Información del Ministerio de Economía y Producción de la República Argentina  - Argentina
GenIsisCd enables you to create in a simple way a searching application for CDS-ISIS databases on cd-rom. The distribution of databases on compact discs is a valid alternative for those who do not have access to Internet. A web navigator is used for searching in the databases. The associated search engine (NAVISIS) is independent and it does not need any server program. The interface generated by GenIsisCd allows you to configurate the query form with access to the database dictionary and the print formats. This poster offers an illustrated guide in Spanish for GenIsisCd software, which explains, step-by-step, its installation and operation. Nowadays, GenIsisCd can be used in French or in English and its documents are only available in French.