II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

Open Mesa-In

  • Information Systems Administrator and Computer Consultant to the UNER Library Council, Library of the Educational Sciences Faculty - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos  - Argentina

The Faculty of Education Sciences belonging to the National University of Entre Ríos offers the source code of the Reception Office System free of charge. This system is distributed under the LGPL license within the academic community and is also available for organizations that require it.

The system was developed to work in a Web - or in an Intranet/Extranet- environment with the WXIS tool. It enables the registration of Files and of in (NE) and out (NS) Notes in a simple and user-friendly way. If required, it may print a list of the documentation sen t to each department, which acts as a sort of receipt, therefore avoiding registration by hand.

It operates with ISIS databases, discriminating the information according to year and/or type of documentation (Files, NS, NE). At present, the Reception Office System presents four modules:

ü     The Consultation m odule enables the search of a File, NE or NS of a specific year, according to the Initiator of the process, the Topic or Stages the process has been through. It also shows a specific class of document and a record of searches.

ü     The Registration of Files and Notes module not only offers the possibility of creating new steps for a process, but also allows the user to register new Files, NE or NS.

ü     The Listing by Area module lists documents discriminated by destination.

ü     The Modification module allows the modification of the registered data of a File, NE or NS.


Demonstration version: http://biblio.fcedu.uner.edu.ar/mesa-demo/