II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

Open MarcoPolo - Library Management System

  • Information Systems Administrator and Computer Consultant to the UNER Library Council, Library of the Educational Sciences Faculty - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos  - Argentina

The National University of Entre Ríos via its Librarian Board which reports to the Academic Affairs Office, has decided to release the source code of the MarcoPolo Library Management System, which is part of the & quot;Open MarcoPolo & quot; project.

The purpose of this project is to share the system so that it can be used free of charge within academic settings in order to benefit mainly state universities.

The distribution of the system is made under the LGPL license and can be downloaded from http://marcopolo.uner.edu.ar.

Until this moment, the MarcoPolo Library Management System has developed the circulation, online consultation (OPAC), statistics and administration modules.

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The system entirely works with five Isis data bases: MARCMP (bibliographical), EXIST (stock), LECTOR (readers), MOVI (movements) and OPERA (librarians).

The system works in a Client-server Web environment (Internet/Intranet) with the Bireme WXIS application.

The Circulation Module not only allows to record the borrowing and returning of books and sanction applications simultaneously in a single operation, but also enables the control of delays, photographic identification of users and the use of bar codes.

The OPAC Module operates with all the functions on a single screen to make simple and advanced searches (dictionary of terms, logic operators, record of searches, presentation formats).

The Statistics Module offers statistical results of all the system which include: graphics, varied analyses, listings and printed versions of the information.

The Administration Module allows the entry and modification of readers, varied listings (day by day borrowing, delays, books returned and lists of lent material).