II Congreso Mundial de Usuarios de CDS/ISIS

Fecha: 20-23 setiembre 2005

Instructions on Presentations


There will be two kinds of presentations:

  • 15 master presentations, of 25 minutes length,

  • 15 brief presentations, of 15 minutes length.

There will be five minutes after each presentation for questions and answers as well as discussion.
Official languages of the meeting will be: Spanish and English

To present works for selection, an abstract or summary should be sent to the Selection Committee, in English or Spanish, before May 30th 2005.

Send e-mail to spinaker@adinet.com.uy indicating in the Subject CDS/ISIS-W2 Selection Committee

We suggest the pre-registration be done before sending the presentations. The pre-registration fee does not need to be paid.



  • Contributions must be related to one of the recommended subjects.

  • The main author must send the poster, and pre-register it in the Congress before sending the presentatio n. The pre-registration fee does not need to be paid.

  • After revision and approval, the names of the co-authors must be made known. An e-mail and institutional affiliation can be included for each author, and a brief CV of not more than 5 lines of the main author.

  • The presentation should have: Title and sub-title, language of the presentation, a summary of not more than 300 words. It should indicate the technical resources for the presentation

The Programme Committee will revise all contributions and select the ones to be included in the final programme. The main au thor will be notified of his contribution being accepted or not. In case of being accepted, the author will have to confirm his intention to be present at the Congress and present his work. A letter of invitation will be sent to the selected authors, if necessary, to help them in obtaining resources or a visa to be present at the CDS/ISIS-W2. The letter will only be sent upon request.  
The authors will be able to send an updated summary of their accepted work, which will appear in the final programme. They will also, until July 31st 2005, have the opportunity to send their complete work, to be published on the CDS/ISIS-W2 website and be available in time for the congress. The Congress acts will not be published in paper and authors will be allowed to publish their works outside the congress after the conference, mentioning they were presented in the CDS/ISIS-W2.


Recommended subjects

  • History of the CDS/ISIS

  • Development of the CDS/ISIS in communities (countries, languages)

  • CDS/ISIS products

  • Companies that support, develop, use CDS/ISIS

  • CDS/ISIS as an instrument of social reconstruction, preservation of cultural heritage

  • CDS/ISIS and multilinguism

  • CDS/ISIS and web technologies

  • CDS/ISIS and integrated systems for libraries or archives

  • Non conventional applications of the CDS/ISIS

Preference will be given to applications using CDS/ISIS-based developments only, as well as to th e public availability of source codes, and free (or at marginal cost) distribution. This does not exclude proprietary systems, or system integration using CDS/ISIS along with other databases, but these will only be accepted pending space availability. With no judgement being done of the quality of the implementations, preference will be given to “only-Isis” products.

Questions: spinaker @adinet.com.uy