II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users

Date: September 20th-23rd 2005

Measurement of satisfaction of users of software SIGEBI


The MANAGEMENT SYSTEM LIBRARIAN (SIGEBI version 1.4) is the first software for administration of popular libraries that distributes itself in Argentina, through the National Commission of Bibliotecas Populares (CONABIP) employee of the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation.

SIGEBI was developed completely in CDS/Isis platform, for versions 3.08 of the software distributed by UNESCO, and arises from the work of CONABIP for & quot;personalize and adapting & quot; the software developed by the Institute of Computer science of the National University of San Juan and the Franklin Library from San Juan to the necessities of an Argentine Popular Library.

At the present time, according to the registries of it given licenses, SIGEBI are used from year 1997 by more than 300 libraries in all the country but, the users really are satisfied with software?.

In order to control and to improve the satisfaction of clients of software a measurement mechanism is due to establish. & quot;it is not possible to be controlled what it is not possible to be measured & quot;. Surveys to designed clients affluent can transform into a good mechanism of measurement and obtaining of valuable information for the developers.

The present work exposes of which way can be measured the & quot;satisfaction of the client of software SIGEBI & quot; applying oriented modern technologies to measurement of software and explains the used methodology to carry out the measurement using like tool software SUSE (Satisfaction User System), developed by the Institute of Computer science of the National University of San Juan.