II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users

Date: September 20th-23rd 2005

Article database of scientific magazines from Brazil and Portugal on Iinformation Sciences

 ABCID (Arquivologia, Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação e Documentação) is a new database indexing & abstracting scientific articles from around twenty (20) Brazilian and Portuguese periodicals in the area of Library and Information Science (LIS). The main goal of ABCID is to provide easy access to the scientific literature in this area published mainly in Portuguese language for researchers, practitioners and information students. ABCID is supported by a CDS/ISIS for Windows 1.5
(WinISIS) application, containing over 3,500 records in a format based MARC21, which presently amounts to 95.4% of the Brazilian and Portuguese periodical literature in the area of LIS, and 100% coverage is expected by the end of 2005. Bibliographic format, including the structure of data fields, its length and other features are described. A list of major difficulties and prospective uses ABCID may present for academic and professional application is provided. Partners and users are accepted in this project.