II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users

Date: September 20th-23rd 2005

WINSISAV: System for real time processing and access to information


WINSISAV - a system for real time processing and access to information was created in.2005 as a contribution from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente of Santiago of Cali, Colombia, to the farming community. (Copyright Registered in the Dirección Nacional de Derechos de Autor, Book 13, Volume 14 Game 299. Incoming number Number 1-2005-11742). It is a tool that facilitates acquisition, processing and dissemination of the farming information resources considered of public dominion: documents, data on institutions, people and projects in cou rse, generated by the Institutions assigned to Project SISAV - Information system of the Farming Sector of the Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

The information generated by the institutions assigned to the SISAV represents a resource of great importance for decision making of the farming sector of the Valle del Cauca, at different levels: for the very institution gen erating the document, for the country and for the entire world. These informative resources have often been produced in restricted form and have not been processed, nor been entered into any Data Base, nor published on the Internet, mainly because of a lack of institutional budgets.

Having identified this situation, the SISAV has taken advantage of the so-called & quot;free software & quot;, (not necessarily free of charge, since its development implies technical knowledge on the part of the developers) and has created the WINSISAV, based on the soft wares developed by UNESCO: Winisis and GenIsis that have allowed to carry out a gain gain & nbsp;activity & nbsp;(mutual benefits), where the potential institutions and their users are both being benefited: the participant Organizations have obtained the technical processing of their information and customers will have a greater possibility of improving and of interchanging knowledge and facilitating the trade of farming products at a regional and world-wide level.