II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users

Date: September 20th-23rd 2005

ISISPAMPA, A model of COM objects for CDS/ISIS database management

  • Information Technologies Director, Central Library of the National University of La Pampa  - Argentina
  • Conputer Scientist, Nacional University of La Pampa - Central Library  - Argentina

The present contribution to II World Congress of CDS/ISIS Users, consists of a presentation of an Objects Model development COM ( & quot;Component object model & quot;) able to interact with CDS/ISIS databases without generating any alteration of neither the structure of data nor the data itself. The model generated called & quot;ISISPAMPA & quot;, encapsulate the functionality of ISIS32.DLL that provides UNESCO simplifying its utilization in both pages ASP ( & quot; Active Server Pages & quot;) as local applications. ISISPAMPA is implemented in the library ISISP32.DLL.

ISISP32.DLL includes the objects APPLICATION and CONNECTION that models the opening, closing and unlocking of a database; SRCHIT, SRCHITSET and TRMPOSTINGSET utilized for searches; RECORD has functionality for operating on records (fields and subfields): read, add new, delete, change, relations between data bases, and export data in XML; ERROR reports errors produced at data tier and component tier that are stored in a log file.

ISISP32.DLL has permitted the development of other two objects models S CVB6.DLL and PRESTA.DLL.

SCVB6.DLL was thought for the development of querys (by Internet) of CDS/ISIS databases. It contains the objects CBOOLEANA and CDICCIONARIO that model querys by boolean expression and searches by terms in the dictionary that then will be utilized in the searches equations formation.

PRESTA.DLL designed for the development of a Documents Loans System in (by Internet). It includes th e objects PARAMETROS, USUARIOS, CIRCULACION, INSTITUCIONES. Modules that permit the automation of loans, renewals, refunds; emission of statistics, management of suspensions, reserves and claims.

ISISP32.DLL for CDS/ISIS functionality can be observed at the Universidad Nacional de La Pampa library site: http://www.biblioteca.unlpam.edu.ar and at Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de La Pampa library site: http://www.lapampa.gov.ar/HCD/Default.htm